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Is HIPAA Compliance Critical to Your Practice?

Most organizations are required to comply with one or more security standards to ensure safe operation and maintain data privacy, but medical practices are unique in that HIPAA is at the center of your compliance efforts. It's one of the strictest data protection regulations in the world, and failing to show best efforts at compliance puts your practice at risk of violations, loss of patient confidentiality, and potential litigation. Security breaches, especially involving patient medical information, can severely damage or even ruin the reputation of your practice.

Let Us Take the Chaos Out of Compliance

HIPAA requirements are constantly evolving, and remaining compliant is a continuous uphill battle that can be a burden to handle on your own - but Managed HIPAA Compliance from Data Networks can help! It starts with a comprehensive initial assessment and risk treatment plan followed by ongoing management that includes monthly scans, quarterly progress meetings, and all required reporting

Managed Compliance from Data Networks is a reliable way to maintain HIPAA compliance. We can also manage your PCI and Cyber Liability Insurance (CLI) compliance, too! Contact us today to find out how.

Managed HIPAA Benefits

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Download a copy of our managed HIPAA compliance fact sheet and other resources below to see how Data Networks provides compliance with confidence!

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